If you would like your own personal commissions, in any subject, media and size, by all means please contact me.

For example, a portrait of a family member/loved one, pets or perhaps your prized car/motorcycle illustrated - 'I'm your man!!' All I require is a clear photograph to work from (this would be returned with your commission piece). Any commission is possible from graphic design to photo realism illustrations.

An example of pricing is as follows - 

For instance if you would like a full colour A3 Airbrushed illustration done to high spec, this would cost around £400 - this does depend in the detail of the picture supplied/required.

Prices may differ on the medium used and the size required. 

If you are interested, pleased drop me an email or call to discuss your own personal specification and a price can be negotiated.

Thanks for looking,


List of mediums I work with

Airbrush (gouache, Acrylic, inks)

Oil painting


Pencil drawings

Pen and Ink

Engraving and sand blasting

Stained Glass